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An control center not desktop environment oriented
« le: 09 octobre 2013 à 17:18:06 »
I wrote a program trying to act like a control center for an Openbox desktop. It's my first attempt with GTK, so it may a bit ugly.

The code source is now bitbucked in order to have some returns and contributions, or to initiate the writing of a "real" control center not DE oriented.
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Re : An control center not desktop environment oriented
« Réponse #1 le: 26 octobre 2013 à 02:57:44 »
Here is what your OB Control Center looks like in Lubuntu Saucy just released:

I have tried to draw attention to it and added a contribution in a Blueprint at the Lubuntu brainstorming, to point to this OB Control Center project of yours:

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