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Titre: Dokuwiki
Posté par: Taco.22 le 04 février 2013 à 05:43:53
There have been a couple of suggestions regarding setting up a help wiki.  I've been having a look at the Dokuwiki ( site and going through the documentation.  There is a Debian package available through the repo.  All we have to do is upload the files and install it onto our webserver  and start posting articles, how-tos and and guides.  Easy.

Um - does anyone actually know how to do this?!?  I have never done anything like this before so how does the forum tackle this one?  Heck, I only just learned how to set up a Wordpress site!  I'm keen to learn but a "wiki for Dummies" would be really useful!!

EDIT - had a look at this tutorial (, albeit for Windows, and tried it out on my own website server.  Got the files up but Chromium would open the install.php file like in the video.  Maybe the webserver isn't set up for php -still researching.   

EXTRA EDIT - just out of curiosity I installed Dokuwiki through apt-get onto my computer and opened it in the browser at ""  That worked, but I'm not sure what I do with a wiki on my computer!!
Titre: Re : Dokuwiki
Posté par: melodie le 04 février 2013 à 08:27:10

I am waiting for Desmoric to do this, he is the expert here. If he can't find time for it I'll install one : we have a dedicated hosting at, it's the "linuxvillage project" where he, I, and turzin are registered, and we can have as many webspaces as we need.

About Dokuwiki itself, we also have a list of plugins as we have a former experience with the pclinuxos-fr project dokuwiki, - some plugins for security, some for enhancements... we never ever had a spammer there since more than 2 years! - and I already prepared a dedicated logo for a future LinuxVillage Dokuwiki.

Perhaps could you pm Desmoric and point him to the present thread ? I feel like I am already quite busy with the projects, and it would be nice if he could take care of it. Elsen he and I have already talked about a plugin allowing to set it with two languages.

Dokuwiki on your computer : you can write the docs you intend to publish, later all you will need will be copy/paste to the wiki online. :)

Titre: Re : Dokuwiki
Posté par: Desmoric le 05 février 2013 à 18:47:49
I can install a dokuwiki for LinuxVillage cause I've ever did it for PCLinuxOS-fr community.

I will try to do this in February.
Titre: Re : Dokuwiki
Posté par: Taco.22 le 05 février 2013 à 23:42:48
That will be great - thank you.
Titre: Re : Dokuwiki
Posté par: djohnston le 17 mai 2013 à 21:43:44
So, are there any plans to create a Linux Village wiki?
Titre: Re : Dokuwiki
Posté par: melodie le 18 mai 2013 à 02:10:04
Great minds meet. I was thinking yesterday I would send a mail to Desmoric to ask him to send me the key to a new web space we have, and start installing a wiki.

We could work on it together if you want. Would you let me know by mail if you want to take care of some parts?