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Titre: Tuxfamily : Newsletter
Posté par: melodie le 01 avril 2013 à 14:10:28
As some of you know, is one of the largest Free software activist hosting place actually, hosting severl thousand projects including our website : Linuxvillage at (

I received a newsletter in which Tuxfamily presents changes to come which will be of great interest. I am bringing here the content of this newsletter:


As you already know, TuxFamily, while being a centralized hosting solution
since its creation, has always been in favor of self-hosting, and more
generally in favor of anything that makes hostees more responsible and
involved in the various hosting-related processes.

That's why the TuxFamily administrators strove to entirely rework
VHFFS[1]. As a recall, VHFFS means Virtual Hosting For Free Software; it
is the software component which takes care of TuxFamily's infrastructures
consistency. This rework gave birth to VHFFS 365.

Nicknamed "CloudFamily", this new version will radically change the
organization and inner working of TuxFamily -- indeed, it intends to make
the whole platform distributed following a P2P-style design. Each hostee
will move up from simple services requester to the status of active node
of the TuxFamily network.

From a technical point of view, each hostee will have to setup on their
own side a virtual machine and provide a good quality network access along
with sufficient disk space to store TuxFamily's data. At first, a 5
Mbits/s symmetric connection[2], a few hundreds GigaBytes (GB) of disk
space and an availability of 23 out of 24 hours will be deemed acceptable
to keep enjoying the services of our platform.

Relying on the global fast spreading of fibre channel within residential
areas and the abiding capacity increase of hard disk drives, we assess the
hosting conditions will not leave anybody behind starting from May 2013.
Of course, once arrived to this due date, we will have to cease hosting
the few potential refractory hostees who would not or could not have
followed us in this groundbreaking revolution we are leading.

Please note that the most qualified among you may participate to the
development of some features that were not considered release-critical for
VHFFS 365, such as e.g. encryption of storage and all inter-nodes
transmissions and more generally everything related to security.

Therefore, no time to waste! To your routers and keyboards to make
TuxFamily the new reference of free hosting for free people! Please find
below the planned agenda, take it into account to complete your facilities
within delays:
  April 1st, 2013 :    VHFFS 365 public announcement.
  April 3rd, 2013 :    Release of technical details to join the
  May 1st, 2013 :      Addition of first nodes -- beginning of the
                         coexistence phase between the former infrastructure
                         and the new one.
  End of May, 2013 :   Eviction of potential refractory hostees.
  June 4th, 2013 :     Decommissioning of the former infrastructure.
  Early 2016 :         Extra developments related to platform security.

Note: Until the end of security-related developments, the whole resulting
platform will be placed under the protection of the leader in the domain
of Security-as-a-Service, namely CloudFlare.

The team


[1] Official website: (
[2] Example of suitable subscription: 5M offer from (


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Titre: Re : Tuxfamily : Newsletter
Posté par: Taco.22 le 01 avril 2013 à 14:24:49
Sorry if I'm a bit thick on this, but does that mean we have to do another forum relocate??
Titre: Re : Re : Tuxfamily : Newsletter
Posté par: melodie le 01 avril 2013 à 15:20:35
Sorry if I'm a bit thick on this, but does that mean we have to do another forum relocate??

No that means "april fool day". ;D

Titre: Re : Tuxfamily : Newsletter
Posté par: djohnston le 01 avril 2013 à 22:34:12
Ah, ye olde April fool's joke. You had me, too.  :-[