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Titre: Seeking icons matching Bento artwork
Posté par: melodie le 24 février 2013 à 21:05:14

I have started a small list here: Recherche icônes pour projet Bento (Ubuntu Openbox) (,157.msg968.html#msg968)

If you would want to look at the links, and perhaps try a few ones. I have tried most of the list, and there is one which has for name AwOken, which seems not bad at first glance, but perhaps a bit complicated to setup once installed.

The former ones are either too big, or some icons are missing... one seemed great but has most images as svg... so some icons don't show.

Else, the available icon themes in the repos are mostly always the same ones. (

I don't say I tried them all... one glitch also is in Lxappearance : a large part of the gnome themes don't show in it once installed. It will be necessary to edit the .gtkrc-2.0 by hand.