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Titre: KDE project leader attacks Canonical’s “ethically weak” Ubuntu Mobile
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(...)In a blog on Google Plus, Seigo attacks Canonical for allegedly making false claims about the same Ubuntu code being able to be used on mobiles, tablets, PCs and smart TVs without modification in a manner similar to KDE.

“Now, this kind of device spectrum thinking is something we've been promoting for a number of years as part of our vision for KDE Plasma,” Seigo says.

“Long before Canonical decided this was something that made any sort of sense, before they started using Qt and QML, we were there working towards this. Today, we deliver this kind of functionality and are working to jump even further down this road.

“However, having looked at the code behind Unity… Canonical's claim is a hollow one.”

Seigo then accuses Canonical of trying to win community support for its platform under false pretences. (...)
Titre: Re : KDE project leader attacks Canonical’s “ethically weak” Ubuntu Mobile
Posté par: djohnston le 19 février 2013 à 20:29:04
He has an opinion? Wow, he has a blog (, too. I don't use Ubuntu or the Unity interface. I've read the reviews, both good and bad. Although I no longer use KDE, either, Aaron has been a KDE leader for some time. As such, I would say both his code and his opinion have some merit, however subjective. To his credit, he said:

If you're a Free software developer, user and/or supporter and buying into these claims, I don't know how else to put it other than this: you're being duped.
Then followed with:

I want to make it crystal clear that I think Ubuntu Phone a great thing to see; more Free software mobile efforts, particularly ones using Qt/QML, warm my insides like a good bowl of soup on a cold winter's night.
Linux "wars"? Who is shooting at each other?   ???  ::)