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Here is a pretty old list:

The older ones in the list seems to be Bootkit-1.01 and CatRescue101E (1995)  :o

Some of those might not run on an i3, but might run
on a Pentium.    Need some new ones for sure.

Hello Patrick013,

I found that page thinking about tomsrbt when someone on IRC was talking about the smallest possible distro holding on a floppy, so seeing the dates I thought I would post here.

About rescue I would for the time being think more about Parted Magic, which contains many useful tools, RIP Linux, (not rest in peace, but "recovery is possible" ;) )

and This good Ultimate Boot CD.

What else can be useful? All other tools and links are welcome.


--- Citation de: mélodie le 14 octobre 2013 à 15:52:44 ---What else can be useful? All other tools and links are welcome.

--- Fin de citation ---
Ghost for Linux-several types of backup methods, new kernels for
all hardware, hopefully.
Boot Repair Disk-restored my Grub2 several times on OS restores.

Anything else I might use I've found packages I can install on an external
HD.     Size isn't much of a factor as long as it's not super bloated.

Was able to do a frugal install of Parted Magic.   Noticed
you can make and add slackware modules (txz) to it in there.

Has G4L and a grub-doctor so.......pretty complete little

Some people claim SuperGrubDisk and Grub4Dos can boot
anything by pointing at it if the MBR is bad.   Have to see that

Have a good one.



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