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LXDE previews Qt port of its desktop

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"The LXDE developers are working on a Qt-based version of their desktop and have already ported significant parts of the components of LXDE to the user interface framework. While still in an experimental state, the developers could already show a functional desktop with the panel, PCManFM file manager and an image viewer in a working state. Most of the desktop's applets work with the ported panel as well"

PCMan dislikes the way things are going with GTK3, it seems the Qt code has more to offer to light projects now, and is said to be less difficult to code with. the GTK3 project makes big changes at each new version…

Yea, as soon as I saw that PCmanFM went to QT I could see that it was just a matter of time.

Looks like the LXDE guys are talking to the Razor QT boys about working together .

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