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Consort is a fork from Gnome developed by SolusOS.

--- Citer ---Consort is the flagship desktop environment of SolusOS 2. It began life as a set of components forked from GNOME 3.4.2, in order to retain a GNOME2-like "classic" desktop which was lighter on resources, and not requiring hardware acceleration
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Consort was built for SolusOS, then for SolusOS 2 which is not a fork of Debian anymore and uses Pisi, the package manager from Pardus.

> No downloads are available at this moment. Please make sure to check back soon

I don't want to read texts about another rebranded and poorly maintained fork of GNOME. Gimme the code!


--- Citation de: ka9yhd le 23 juin 2013 à 07:52:21 ---Looks nice.  I preferred Gnome 2 that PClinuxOS had.  After Gnome 3 came out I started looking at other desktops and settled on OpenBox.

I also liked KDE 3.5.10 and I dislike KDE 4.

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Same things for me in my linux experience : KDE 3.5 -> Gnome 2 -> Openbox (simplicity is better)

Funny thing that - I went Gnome 2 -> KDE3.5 -> Openbox!

SolusOS 2 Alpha 7 Withdrawn

--- Citer ---Submitted by ikey on Sun, 04/07/2013 - 14:24

Please note that the SolusOS 2 Alpha 7 ISO has now been withdrawn from public use. The image has been removed from the server, and will be deleted on our mirrors in due course.
This has been done to prevent confusion for users, and to help us prepare for the new PiSi based independent SolusOS 2
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