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Debian - dpkg-repack, and your package "reborns from ashes"


In Debian, the package "dpkg-repack" allows restoring to an installable deb package the files which are installed.

Let's say... Thunar !

--- Citer ---# dpkg-repack thunar
dpkg-repack: File not found: /usr/share/doc/thunar
dpkg-deb: building package `thunar' in `./thunar_1.2.3-4+b1_i386.deb'.

# ls thunar*

--- Fin de citation ---
If there are not too many dependencies, you might be able to avoid downloading a package, once a while (if you need it for another machine, it can be convenient at times).

I met with errors, because I had removed the content of the /usr/share/doc, but otherwise installing it should work.


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