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Titre: OBUbuntu with Mkahawa
Posté par: melodie le 12 mai 2013 à 01:03:14

I have uploaded an Ubuntu Bento2 mini type with Mkahawa server added in it, and the client available as an archive ready to be installed to a client. The versions of the clients should be 12.04 or any other version using the same compilation chain, which is a detail I didn't check at all.

The archive for the client can be found directly into the home of the default user, and is coming along with a short README containing the instruction to install the client.

Here is what it looks like:

The list of additional programs is quite short, really minimalistic. This will allow for smaller updates after install and larger freedom of choice, picking into Synaptic whatever the owner of the distro wants to install.

Here is where the ISO can be downloaded from:
obubuntu-mkahawa_svn54-12.04-i386-20130511.iso (
obubuntu-mkahawa_svn54-12.04-i386-20130511.md5sum (

Titre: Re : OBUbuntu with Mkahawa
Posté par: djohnston le 12 mai 2013 à 01:14:25

Do you know if anyone has tested this setup? What I'm thinking is that this should be written up for inclusion in the Distrozilla page (

Titre: Re : OBUbuntu with Mkahawa
Posté par: melodie le 12 mai 2013 à 03:19:05

We have tested it at home, and I guess it will still need more tests. All I can say is that it seems to work, and also that it has been done on the very latest bento2 "mini" with the latest improvements (I had to manually erase the content of the /etc/resolv.conf file as I have been said it was a problem when booting  the live, last time someone tested, at the forums).

If you know people who would like to test it, they are all welcome.

(thanks for the idea about Distrozilla... we should wait to see a few people bring feedback I guess?).

BTW, here is what it looks like once started, and htop running besides it: