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--- Citation de: Yoshi2889 le 02 avril 2013 à 15:46:20 ---Thanks guys! :)
I run Windows in a virtual machine in case I'd ever need it, ...
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Need it for ... ?


Welcome Yoshi.

We keep Windows captive in VBox because the annual tax return software is Windows only.  Also online Uni courses often need Windows for interactive use.  Can't even use a Mac !!! 


--- Citation de: ka9yhd le 03 avril 2013 à 05:32:08 ---There is some tax software for Linux.  Taco have you tried using tax software for Windows with wine?

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This is specific software issued by the Australian Tax Office to enable online tax returns.  I haven't tried it in Wine - might give it a go come July.

I run software in it that Wine doesn't run :P
I also play some games in it yeah, though on the very lowest settings heh.

Thanks for the welcome :)


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