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--- Citation de: mélodie le 01 mars 2013 à 19:09:50 ---GTK stands for "Gnome Tool Kit" and it brings colors and shape to the parts between the handle and the content of the window itself.

--- Fin de citation ---

GTK actually stands for Gimp Tool Kit, and was originally created for the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) in 1997 by the eXperimental Computing Facility at UC Berkeley in Califonia. It is now maintained by the GNOME Foundation.

Yes, Gimp. I remember now (just a mistake...)

It caught me out the first time I came across it - it just seemed to be so much a part of Gnome.

Yea, I agree. I can do some art but totally suck at putting a distro together LOL! I do keep trying though........


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