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--- Citation de: mélodie le 01 mars 2013 à 00:17:46 ---That happens... never know when the system (being stripped) is at the breaking point.  ::)

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I guess I could just let it be able to dual login LXDE and Razor QT sense they both run on Opnbox. I can just change all the graphics and make Razor the primary DE and uninstall as many apps as I can.


--- Citation de: konaexpress le 01 mars 2013 à 03:37:49 ---So like Crux and Mist and all the other themes that affect the borders around the windows? Never played with them before, I,will see if I can track down a theme guid or something. Is there a file that can be unzipped so I can see the graphics files?

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Yes, like Crux in /usr/share/themes/crux

There's a theme called concrete which is an excellent theme, but it
is badly written in some respects.    It wrecks a few important places
in my Pan usenet program.   Another is Sea2Sky, it wrecks  that program
also a little bit, but being able to make a change would make it quite good.

If I had an 800 page book on gtk themes I'd fix it myself.    But, can't
find one, maybe a college bookstore would have one.

Perhaps a new topic-thread for this   kona    ?

Hate to trash some of these themes when a couple adjustments by
someone could make a greater effort a success, you know.

Each one defines gtk areas different, buttons, borders, notebooks,
etc. and without the reference book I just get lost trying to read thru
all the spaghetti in there.   Images used for backgrounds and so forth.
Theme id's that override other id's, like html or css style sheets do.

You'd have to be able to do a gtk theme like crux from scratch and change
definitions, images used, duplicate definitions and all of that.

Crux is actually one of the easiest to modify.   I use it with and without
the crux-engine and can modify colors within  so it works quite well then.
Has enough contrast either way to look good.    But if I wanted a certain
button or key to colorize differently,  oh well, no reference book.

Perhaps create a LinuxVillage theme even, like crux.

Want a new topic-thread ?   Probably.




--- Citation de: konaexpress le 28 février 2013 à 20:35:40 ---Just playing with an idea. Because of the name "Razor" and wanting to load in the "Ninja IDE" for Python QT programming I was thinking about....

Katana-logo by The Kona Express, on Flickr

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I put together a Debian testing respin with RazorQt as the desktop and Openbox as the window manager, No other desktops are installed. It's starting to shape up. Can you do some "extra" work on the Katana image? I stripped out the dark line at the left edge of the graphic. Saved that as a 1024x768 graphic and am using it as the wallpaper. Debian wallpapers come in several sizes. Some are autoloaded at boot time depending on video screen size. Here's the Debian list:



I can resize what I already have, but due to the aspect ratio changing, some don't look right. I already have 1024x768, which will also cover 1600x1200 (4:3). Would you mind doing the others, based on your Katana graphic? (I just need the PNG images.)

Here's what I have so far.

RazorQt menu

Openbox menu

RazorQt version 0.5.1

O'  I know you didn't do that, that was a screen grab, not an export! LOL

Let me make a new export for you to use, give me an hour or so so I can get some coffee in me..LOL

Look forward to seeing what you have.

Here is a zip file in my Dropbox with all the sizes you asked for.  It has PNG and the SVG files in it so that you will have a hard copy of the images to work/use when you need them.

EDIT: I also made the logo on the wallpapers a bit smaller so that it would not be so overwhelming to look at. I put them in a zip file because Flikr dumbs down the image a bit.


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