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Bento defaulting to base OB

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Hi all, it's been a while  ;D

Anyway, my daughter has a Thinkpad X220 with Bento on it.  Of late it is reverting to the basic OB default on boot.  The OB files in ~/.config are missing.  Also the .conkyrc as well.  I had a quick look when this first happened and replaced the ~/.config files.  However she now tells me it has done it again!  She is away with the laptop until next weekend, so I can't do anything at the moment.  However I was thinking of trying all or some of -

        1 - Replace files in /xdg and /skel
        2 - Try new user
        3 - Save data and reinstall

I'm curious as to why the various preference files are disappearing.  No biggie - if all else fails I'll just reinstall. 

Hello Taco!

Welcome Back and Happy New Year 2018!

Which Bento version are you referring to? Do you see it among these ISOs?

In the latest, I have done a copy of all files which are in /etc/skel, they are now in two places in the system : in /etc/skel and in /usr/share/bento.

There was never a default .conkyrc in any version I provided, I am not keen with conky. However, as there is a test version of Bento Sushi since this last night, if you have one to submit I could add it to the next remix?

This is how you find the latest:;O=D (clicking to "Last modified" at the top of the columns).

--- Citer ---[ ]   bento-sushi-14.04.5_2-i386.iso.md5sum   2018-01-02 06:35    65    
[ ]   bento-sushi-14.04.5_2-i386.iso   2018-01-02 06:35    371M   
--- Fin de citation ---

Best regards,

Hi Mélodie,

All the best for the New Year.  It's nice to be back - you have been doing great things with Bento  :)

The Bento version was the full one, 64 bit, from 2016.  That's when we got the laptop.  Sorry about conky - that was something I put in.  When the laptop boots it is using only what is in /skel, so anything else that I have set up is gone.  That includes the whole Openbox folder from ~/.config.  We have Bento running on two other desktops and this hasn't happened.  Bear in mind that the laptop is in the hands of a teenage girl - who knows what might have happened!!!  As I said, I can't check it out until she's back in a few days, but it will be an interesting puzzle.

Below is a thumbnail of a conky script which I have run, in one form or another, for many years.  As I don't run a panel I do need a clock!  I also like to keep track of the basic functions of the 'puter.  This one also keeps track of the desktops.  I can post the script if you want.  Just bear in mind that depending on the hardware certain tweaks may need to be made.

Hi Taco.22, thanks for the compliments.

If your daughter has not accidentally removed this folder, perhaps she was hacked? Or maybe there is an issue in the hard drive? Anyway, the files are also online on gitlab.

Here is the link:

Here is the path:
     bento-filesystem > ISO_Content > bento-filesystem-files > etc > skel > .config > openbox

full link to the directory:

About conky, then it does not seem a good idea to add a .conkyrc file for all?

Anyway feel free to add your script on the forum, for instance in the tips and tricks section?

Let me know about this missing openbox directory when you put hands on it again. Usually folders don't disappear spontaneously in GNU/Linux distributions. :)

Hi Mélodie,

Just a quick update on the issue with my daughter's laptop.  I don't know quite what happened with it but it turned into quite a conflict with pcmanfm and it trying to control the desktop.  The desktop manager stayed active and kept interfering with conky and setting wallpaper.  In the end I deleted pcmanfm and replaced it with Thunar.  All is now working.  I don't know why the ~/.config/openbox folder was being deleted - all I can think is that something was triggering a confused response.  Almost like it was setting up for a new user, but not quite.  Who knows - computers can be fickle things at times!!

Salut Mélodie,

Juste une mise à jour rapide sur le problème avec l'ordinateur portable de ma fille. Je ne sais pas exactement ce qui s'est passé avec, mais il est devenu un conflit avec pcmanfm et il essayait de contrôler le bureau. Le gestionnaire de bureau est resté actif et a continué à interférer avec Conky et la mise en fond d'écran. À la fin, j'ai supprimé pcmanfm et l'ai remplacé par Thunar. Tout fonctionne maintenant. Je ne sais pas pourquoi le dossier ~ / .config / openbox a été supprimé - tout ce que je peux penser est que quelque chose déclenchait une réponse confuse. Presque comme c'était la mise en place pour un nouvel utilisateur, mais pas tout à fait. Qui sait - les ordinateurs peuvent être des choses capricieuses parfois!!


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