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Not sure what is going on but I have found that some of the newer distros are missing Broadcom drivers. While distro hopping, I have so far found that the newest Lubuntu, Fedora and Debian will no longer work with my netbook. Crunch Bang is the only one that will work so far but it just does not have enough of a DE for my likes. Any ideas?

I might add that Mint is all in on Mate and their Cinnamon DE and Magiea is mostly Gnome 3 tho they do have LXDE but I don't want to have to weed out all the Gnome stuff to make it work. What a pain to find a nice small OS for my netbook...

Thanks for the info!

I will have to try this..

No luck on LMDE mate.

What the heck?

This is all new to me.

All Debian versions up till now worked just great! Now?........not so much. Crunch Bang is the only one that works anymore. All of the new versions of anything Debian, Mint, Ubuntu and Fedora do not work on a fresh install.

Im having to download an old version of Lubuntu to load, I will see if that works out better but looks like LXDE could go the way of the dodo bird. Linux DE's are a bit of a mess now with the great divide of QT and whatever Gnome is doing with GTK 3.


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