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Ubuntu Openbox Remix to test!!



This is a copy of a topic started on Dec 12th in the former forum.

I did a version in French and one in English. The full news is here: Ubuntu Openbox Remix à tester !!

I still have to test the version in English, but that is much work, the last night ended in the morning and the sun is down again, so I will ask you all to come help : translating the presentation from French to English, to test, and bring in pics if you don't mind, that would be very nice.

Bring in your friends for the testing fun too !

You will find the ISOS here:

Situation this end of January : I am waiting for a dev I met on IRC to create a dedicated build script to be tested. I have had a discussion and we agreed that he might put several scripts together to make one likely to allow building a correct Ubuntu Openbox version (with improvements to be done afterwards on different parts).

I have several things to do in the meantime, so unless someone knows how to fix two or three issues I'm meeting with, I'll come back to this project later in the coming weeks.

Hi melodie,

I downloaded and did dd to a reliable usb stick but it failed to boot. Does it need to be on a cd?

No it doesn't. All you need is as root:

--- Code: ---#mount -o loop iso-image.iso /mnt
--- Fin du code ---

--- Code: ---# cd /mnt
--- Fin du code ---

--- Code: ---# cp -R /mnt/* /path/to/mounted/stick
--- Fin du code ---

Install grub legacy to the usb key, adapt menu.list using the txt.cfg file which is in the /mnt/isolinux directory.

(I'll give more details later if needed).


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