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If someone wants to create his own  Debian-based distribution, I saw a set of tools called pylaivng.

The documentation is here :

Thanks, Desmoric. I'm looking for an alternative to remastersys.


--- Citation de: djohnston le 13 février 2013 à 07:42:00 ---Thanks, Desmoric. I'm looking for an alternative to remastersys.

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you and me both........

I have just started testing Remastersys, is there something particular you dislike about it ?

Yes, it is unstable. Make the wrong changes to your installation and remastersys will no longer work properly. That's the holdup I'm facing now. For about the third or fourth time. Ask Taco.22. He's run into it, too.

EDIT: Another one just occured to me. Under some conditions, running remastersys in a VBox VM will render the virtualbox guest additions inoperable.

EXAMPLE: After installing a liquorix or antiX kernel in VBox, the guest additions MUST be installed to the guest from the host side. I was chastised by the liquorix maintainer over the fact that the kernel doesn't work with dkms. He says I should not expect it to. Anyway, after remastering in VBox with a liquorix or antiX kernel, the VBox guest additions will no longer work after a reboot. The guest additions must be reinstalled, again, from the host side to the VM. (The same guest additions that were previously working.) After the next reboot, the additions will work again, until the next time remastersys is run.


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