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Introducing an experimental build of VillageBox - Village_in_space!

This is VillageBox running the Spacefm file manager.  Spacefm is a fork of PCmanFM, but with much more.  It is now default FM in a number of distros, including Archpup, Foresight and Parted Magic.  It is also found in the repos of many other distros.

Download the ISO and the md5.

Obligatory screenshots here and here.

Spacefm is highly configurable - in this build it is presented to you as a twin pane FM.  Modify it at your whim.  It is integrated with gigolo so it will display network sharing. 

Spacefm also creates a desktop environment that allows setting of wallpaper and desktop icons.  In the live ISO you will see three desktop icons - Sakura, Spacefm and Midori - plus one for Live Installer.  These all sit in the Desktop folder of the user.

One small glitch - click on the desktop and conky disappears!!  Worked fine in build mode but found that in the live ISO.  If you go to ~/.conky/conkyrc and change the line "own_window_type_ desktop" to "own_window_type_ normal", save and hit logout - don't panic, it will log back in without need for password and your changes saved - conky will then behave itself.  I will fix this in the next build.

Anyway, I'm just looking for some feedback on this one.  Spacefm is still a work in progress but it does seem to fill a lot of gaps between Thunar and PCmanFM.  It gives the option of "desktop" management with a highly configurable file manager.  Maybe it's a good fit with VillageBox?

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

EDIT - just checked and yes, conkyrc should have been "normal" - forgot to move that across to /etc/skel.

EXTRA EDIT - Disregard the issue with conky - I have uploaded a corrected ISO.


--- Citation de: Taco.22 le 11 février 2013 à 11:48:49 ---Introducing an experimental build of VillageBox - Village_in_space!

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The above is a quick way to get GTK3 on  VillageBox provided there's
no other gtk-3.0 config file in /home any place.

Login, AbiWord, and eventually Gnumeric will be GTK3 it looks like.

Just to test.


Too much work I feel!  8)

Please, someone to bring all this as a news in the French section?

Does SpaceFM have advantages over Thunar? Besides, of course, the gvfs/network bug?

It depends on what you want in a FM.  Spacefm is a fork of PCManFM, and shares similar characteristics.  It has a desktop "layer" that sets the wallpaper and can allow desktop icons.  It is highly configurable - just about everything can be tweaked.  It seems to be less buggy than PCManFM, although it is still new and much of that is up to the very dedicated maintainer.

Differences with Thunar - it offers a multiple pane layout and tabs - neither of which will be seen in Thunar.  It mounts network shares through gigolo, but I haven't yet tried doing that direct through Spacefm, if it even can.  Unlike PCManFM it allows detailed list layout, as does Thunar.  So Spacefm has the configurability of Thunar but with the extra desktop capabilities and layout options of PCManFM.  It is a great FM, and for someone wanting desktop options, like in LXDE for example, I would recommend it. 

I must confess though that I still have a leaning towards Thunar.  I don't use desktop icons, and I can open Thunar twice and invoke Pytyle and have a twin pane FM just like that - that is just my personal setup.  But give it a go.  I think it is a great project and well worth supporting.  For those who don't want to download a whole ISO to give Spacefm a try, check out the Spacefm website for download instructions.   


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