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"Internet has been becoming a core part in every day life. It helps us to know about many things just with a click. Using internet we are able to communicate with people far away from us. We can easily find answers to each and every question we have. And we can do lot more things than we imagine using Internet.
Sometimes our internet speed will become painfully slow. We will curiously sit to get things done faster, but our internet speed will irritate us. Today we will see how to choose a fastest DNS servers that accelerates our internet speed a little more than the normal usage"

I have already installed namebench on my laptop and I am already using Open DNS.  According to namebench it has given me two dns servers that are about 16% faster then what I am already using.

PClos has namebench in their repos and according to this article Ubuntu has namebench in their repos as well.  I am assuming that it is probably in Debian's repos.

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Re : How To Find Best and Fast DNS Servers To Optimize Internet Speed
« Réponse #1 le: 19 juillet 2013 à 16:01:53 »

I have tried namebench once and set up my DNS accordingly in the resolv.conf file. After that, I could mainly surf nowhere, so I changed back for some more classic ones. :)

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