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Chromium autoscroll
« le: 07 avril 2013 à 17:14:16 »
I use Chromium as my browser and Google as my search engine.  I run extensions Adblock, Flashblock and New Tab Redirect as a matter of policy.  I also spend a lot of time researching various things on the net and spend a lot of time trawling through page after page of  Google results.  This got me to wondering whether there were any keybindings for the "next" button at the bottom of every Google search page - sure would save a lot of clicking!  It turns out there aren't, but there are a couple of extensions that do the job.

One is called Fasterchrome, a spinoff from Fasterfox.  I tried it and it reliably borks my Google search page on every install - the search box disappears!  Others may have better luck.  I then found Autopager Chrome.

It is an extension that allows a page like Google's search page to scroll continously, both down and back up.  It works really well in Google but there is one small issue - you need to activate rules for it to work.  The website isn't much help and it takes a bit of floundering around to set it up, but in the end the key was the little "submit" button at the bottom of the settings page that isn't mentioned anywhere!!

Anyway it is up and running and works brilliantly.  Apparently you can get it to work on various individual site but good luck!  The main thing is that it works well on search engines.  I have tried it on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  It doesn't work on lxquick and DuckDuckGo seems to have its own autoscroll.

It's not perfect but it sure saves me a heap of time and clicking when hammering Google hard. 

NB - I only tried Yahoo and Bing for research purposes, and I have washed  ;D
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