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2015 ending, let's do a summary on the state of the small Linuxvillage Community. We have few participations, with a very small number of people posting. The numbers today:
3636 Messages in 685 Topics by 88 Members.

Last user registered: jojolemerou. Welcome to him!

60 members posted at least once, 28 membres never posted so far.
When the adventure started, Desmoric and turzin co-created Linuxvillage, then later had to leave to take care of their families and non for profit assocations, and I continued and maintained the forum. There had been several moves related to server issues, then accepted to offer us a PAAS (a dedicated space in a virtual machine) on their professional servers which brought stability and security.

Some English speaking members became less present and shortly after not anymore when I attempted to put some power into their hands. (ego-ego, "if I'm the one to move a thread, it's not you" - well dumb things!)

In short, I don't know if this forum is still useful, except for an access to the tips and tricks posted in the two sections, in French and in English.

You need to tell me : do we continue? Do we stop? If we continue, do we need improvements, such as modifying sections or other things?

Some ramblings:

Many users probably visit their distro forum more than this one.
There are many linux distros and what people want from their distro installed systems can vary greatly, so probably impossible to please everyone.
Possibly an English forum version rather than just an English section would be better, or a simple means so the French language can be clicked and converted to English.
I daresay sometimes user  loose interest in linux or have other more important life commitments that prohibit their time for linux
Maybe the reason and aim of the  forum could be explained more.
Good luck with whatever you decide.
Best wishes

Hi Melodie

I enjoyed posting here, a few technical things, a while ago.
Sorry I did not post more, I got side-tracked and was too busy, then forgot to look back.
I do post links to this forum from other forums like the LXDE and puppy forums.
I think there is a lot on this forum, but in my opinion the index page is too long and 'boring' and could do with condensing into a shorter page, it has to grab people and attract them in.
I would try a new layout with two columns instead of one.
I would try to use colour to highlight and differentiate different topics.
Make it look pretty and visually exciting and make the titles exciting and give people a 'teaser text' so they want to know more.
That brings me to another suggestion . . . it would be quite easy to set up a twitter feed that links into this forum and your related web sites. People could then embed your twitter feed on their websites and keep an eye on new happenings.
The beauty of twitter is in its simplicity and immediacy, updated daily and you can add photos and graphics.
Also try to send a mail shot to inboxes once  a month, I am sure existing members won't mind.
Thanks for all your hard work and effort and I hope the forum stays and gets more users and more content posted.
I will try to post something in the near future.

To sum up . . . I think the index page looks a bit dull and boring and it needs to made more exciting and be enjoyable so people want to visit here rather than anywhere else.
The index page links to fun and exciting topics, but it needs to be fun and exciting itself, because people spend only seconds looking and then click away, you need to attract their attention I think. IMHO.
England UK Dorset

Hello everyone!

kjdixo, thanks for your ideas. Let's see what we can do with them. I'll certainly make the sections more simple, by merging a few ones which can be merged. I might also gather all the English sections so that they all follow, and same for the French ones.

As for the colors, you are very right but I don't know how to create a skin for a forum and I don't have time to learn about that, especially as there are still many things to do to continue the development of Bento Openbox (there is a new website started for the Bento Openbox project, with the name "bentovillage").

If you wish to submit one, and if it can use the "Show topics for Past: 24h 48h 72h" plugin, then I would gladly install it, as an alternative (have you checked your profile? There are more themes available for the members logged in, and you can choose more at the SMF forum which I'll install if you use it).

OnlyHuman, thanks for your comment! Hope to see you here with your new babies built on Unity-Linux!

Best regards,

PS: "or a simple means so the French language can be clicked and converted to English."
this is never bringing very good results, it's ok for a "once and a while" use, but on the long run it's tiring to read badly translated sentences. Figure out: I am almost perfectly fluent in English (though not perfectly fluent), I use both French and English spelling dictionaries in Firefox, once a while use on line dictionaries to seek for a word… I can tell you about it. ;-)


--- Citer ---As for the colors, you are very right but I don't know how to create a skin for a forum and I don't have time to learn about that . . .

--- Fin de citation ---
I am the same, but I will help as soon as I have some spare time.
Consider 3 methods, all 3 have 'pros and cons'.
1. Use a predefined skin written by someone else.
2. Dive into the default CSS and tinker with the code (using expert knowledge of CSS).
3. Use a predefined skin written by someone else and then go to method 2.
Never satisfied with predefined templates, I usually customise them if it is not too difficult..
Several years ago I changed the look of a 'phpbb2' forum by modifying the CSS so I know what is involved and it can be quite a big task that also needs thorough testing.

Yesterday I tried installing SMF on localhost on my puppy linux computer but I had problems starting mysql, which is required for the forum to work.
So I installed it online 'for testing purposes only'.
I am very busy at present,
When I have some spare time and the inclination I will start to investigate the options (do some experiments).


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