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Interestingly I installed gtkdialog from into Openbox with Spacefm (my new one) without a hitch.  The Desktop Effects script works fine.  I'll have to check out what AntiX is up to as gtkdialog is what was behind their antixcc, which is where I lifted the code from! 


--- Citation de: Taco.22 le 13 juin 2013 à 02:59:51 ---Just found an issue - relies on gtkdialog and Debian no longer list that in the repos!!
--- Fin de citation ---
AntiX still has it. You may want to download the source to keep locally, too. Add this to sources.list:

# antiX
deb testing full main

After adding the repo, do apt-get update. You'll get a missing key error. To enable the repo key, do as root:

--- Code: ---keymissing=452F0C20 && gpg --keyserver --recv-keys $keymissing && gpg --armor --export $keymissing | apt-key add - && apt-get update
--- Fin du code ---

It may take a while to get the key. It depends on the server's status. Sometimes I get it right off the bat, other times I have to wait up to a couple of minutes. It failed completely once and I tried again (successfully) the next day. Then apt-get update again to make sure the key took. Install the gtkdialog package, then disable the repo.

Neither Scorpio nor Serqet have gtkdialog installed.  To install it do as djohnston suggests above, or to do it manually go to, download and install with -

--- Code: ---dpkg -i gtkdialog_0.7.20-4.2_i386.deb
--- Fin du code ---

Make sure all the bits are in their right places and all will work.  I will add gtkdialog to Scorpio and Serqet at the next upgrade.


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