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FireFox 19 and this forum

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Using Firefox 19 on PClos-Openbox Bonsai and for some reason, only with these forums the scrolling is very very slow.  Press the down arrow key and wait.

If I go to the old forums, that we moved from, or any other web site the scrolling is fine.

I also have Chromium installed and it is way faster then Firefox.

What do your "Browsing" settings look like?

If your cache size is set to zero there should be no problem.
My firefox on Bonsai is actually about the fastest firefox I
use.     Very responsive scrolling thru any web pages.

Close Firefox and restart Firefox, probably is stuck in RAM
in the middle of some other program.    Cache Status add-on
is nice as I make the RAM cache bigger and it doesn't fill up as fast.

Clear the RAM cache will speed it up after using it all night too.



What theme is that ?     Looks pretty good.


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What theme is that ?     Looks pretty good.

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Noia4. i like it.

Yea, it is cool looking. I forgot you could theme Firefox.


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