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Well here you are again, I can't speak french 100% and vice-versa

Hi Melodie

Got me a build program and did a Debian build and it boots from
a CLI screen.    Jessie build and it runs great.   Added ntp first thing.
Now it's quite full of Openbox stuff but very direct and fast.

So how is your cpu life going ?

Have a goood one. ;D

Wuu hu!

CPU life goes fine, many thanks!

Well, what you say is all very interesting, you should tell us more about the Debian build tool you are using. I continue working on Bento, there is a gitlab now, so whoever wants to install using the Bento method in Debian or another distribution could find it very easy.

Best regards,


Hope all them terrorists are on the run.    All safe, etc..

So the Debian build was done.     Read the Debian-Live-Manual several
times.    The 2 main commands are "lb config" and "lb build"        Not
very hard.     Config'd it to use all 3 lib's main contrib non-free so I could
get all the firmware but not really needed.     The Deb-Installer and
wicd-curses are the only other additions.

Somewhere it asked for extra firmware and I said yes or the build would
be much smaller.     So it boots up in console and is a 396 MB ISO.    From
there it's all installed on some partition.      Boots that up in console and
need to config wicd-curses.   From there it's anybody's guess.     

I update it every month and it's working fine but I don't use it very much.

Did install the Systemback program for Jessie and it is fine.     Makes an ISO
or installs directly from working partition with no ISO from a portable drive.
Don't like it's updating feature as it uses too many repos and installs extra
things it seems.    I just update from one repo what I installed.

So, that's about it then.


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