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This is a hack of the Tinyme/Swift/Antix Control Center for LinuxVillage.  Download it here.  There are three components in the zip package -

* - to be copied to /usr/local/bin
* Village Control Center - .desktop file to be copied to /usr/share/applications
* villagecc - folder of icons to be copied to /usr/share/pixmaps
It is based on the following software being installed -

* Editor - juffed
* Terminal - xterm
* gtkdialog - see here.
There are nineteen functions - required software as follows.

* Openbox Configuration Manager - obconf
* Set Screen Resolution - lxrandr
* Desktop Effects - Desktop Effects
* Change Gtk2 and Icon Themes - lxappearance
* Set Screensaver - xscreensaver-demo
* Install Software - synaptic
* Edit Sources List - juffed /etc/apt/sources.list
* Choose Startup Services - services-admin
* Language & Locale - keeptalking
* Manage Users - users-admin
* Set Date and Time - time-admin
* Network Manager - wicd-gtk
* Setup Local Network - gigolo
* System Information - hardinfo
* Show System Processes - htop
* Printer Setup - Printer Setup
* Configure Sound - alsamixer-gui
* Partition a Drive - gparted
* Remaster Your System - remastersysDesktop Effects and Printer Setup are two scripts I wrote - the first can be found here and the other is found in VillageBox and Scorpio.
Keeptalking is a Semplice application and is also found in VillageBox and Scorpio.
Gnome-system-tools supplies time-admin and users-admin and can be installed via "apt-get install --no-install-recommends gnome-system-tools".

I have set the icons in a separate folder so that icon-theme changes don't mess things around.  The big issue is if default software changes.  For example, if wicd-gtk is replaced with network-manager-gnome, or if the default text editor or terminal is different.  This is just an example of how a Control Center could look - the final details would need to be thrashed out.  Of course the file can be edited to take into account any differences - it's even easier than html!



--- Citation de: Taco.22 le 14 juin 2013 à 16:22:16 ---There are nineteen functions - required software as follows.
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I can think of one more I don't see anywhere.     xbacklight to set
screen brightness.

Very good. I never got around to finishing one.

Oh good - xbacklight will neatly fill in the gap on the Desktop panel!

Nice work. Just a little detail, would it bother to name it Openbox Control Center rather than Linuxvillage Control Center ? We are a Linux Village and I don't quite see a center where the linuxvillagers would/should be controlled. :P


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