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Most Village Openbox spins have the xcompmgr desktop effects script installed in the ~/.config/openbox/scripts folder.  The commands are written into the root menu and opened via a right-click on the "desktop".  I thought it might be useful to set it up as an "application" so that it could be called from the main applications menu if required.  This would be useful if a panel with the Applications button is being used, like LXDE.

You can download the here.  This contains the bash script which needs to go into /usr/local/bin, and the .desktop file which goes into /usr/share/applications.  The folder "effects" goes into /usr/share/pixmaps - this has the dialogue and app icons.  The actual xcompmgr script stays in the openbox folder.  I have used the Tango icon scheme in the script but I need to work out some generic icons that will "just work" regardless of what is installed.

Hopefully this will be of some use - screenshot below -


The screenshot does not show and when I paste the url into the navigation field I land on a 404 error page.

Sorry melodie, I was just editing the first post with a revised upload!  Now has it's own icons in a folder.  Just follow the new instructions.

This is very cute !

Just found an issue - relies on gtkdialog and Debian no longer list that in the repos!!


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