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[Old computers] What are your favorite small distributions?



Apart from Slitaz, antiX, or Puppy Linux, which small GNU-ish distros did you try during the last months that you liked or which have drawn your attention?

Tiny Core Plus works well the Raspberry Pi and it connects to wifi.
Mine is set up with openbox and xfe.

--- Citer ---CorePlus is an installation image and not the distribution. It is recommended for new users who only have access to a wireless network or who use a non-US keyboard layout. It includes the base Core System and installation tools to provide for the setup with the following options: Choice of 7 Window Managers, Wireless support via many firmware files and ndiswrapper, non-US keyboard support, and a remastering tool.

--- Fin de citation ---

I bought two Nokia 5110 LCDs (very cheap) . . . so when I get time I am going to get them working with the RPi.


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