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Google: Gmail users ‘have no legitimate expectation of privacy’


"As tensions worsen among privacy-focused email users amid the escalating scandal surrounding government surveillance, a brief filed by attorneys for Google has surfaced showing that Gmail users should never expect their communications to be kept secret.

Consumer Watchdog has unearthed a July 13, 2013 motion filed by Google’s attorneys with regards to ongoing litigation challenging how the Silicon Valley giant operates its highly popular free email service"

Good one. I was about to post this same story from a different source.

I checked some email providers out last night
and most said privacy included monitoring
activity for marketing purposes, compliance
with federal laws when asked for information,
and in other cases info would be provided based
upon review of the specifics by the email provider.
In no case would info be released to the general
public or based upon requests without legal
background and as provided in the terms of service.

Different wording says basically the same thing.    Some
say monitoring also keeps the service smoothly running
and should guard against illegal usage of the email service.

So they do give info to others other than legal requests by law
enforcement at their discretion.    Could be worse than a
cloud service run by a bunch of kooks.


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