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Introducing kjdixo.
Hello I enjoyed Xubuntu until it changed to xfce 4.6 which caused my right click menu customisations to stop working.
I used ATI Catalyst and 3x 22 inch screens for 18 months until ATI gave problems and tearing / flakey performance dragging windows.
Then I bought some cheap NVidia cards and found that TwinView (2 screens) is reliable.
I still try my ATI cards every now and then (sadly, no improvements).
Moved home 3 times in 2012 so was in 'mobile mode' mostly using a Netbook or 2x 17 inch screens.
Hope to set up my 22 inch screens soon.
After Xubuntu I distro hopped and settled with PCLOS.
Then recently things started going a little bit unstable (maybe because of my tweaks).
Really impressed with Slitaz 4, but I didn't have the time or inclination (technical experience) to locate and build everything I wanted there.
Which brought me to Ubuntu Openbox.
A good base distro with all the Apps and OB without LXDE.
LXDE is excellent but I require a more minimal desktop with only feh, stalonetray (for the network icon) and my custom menu.xml right click menus (3 that appear sequentially).
I have installed Ubuntu Openbox on my Advent 4211 Netbook (rebranded MSI Wind).
I can also connect to my Blackberry Playbook via USB using PCManFM (Go>Network Drives then type smb://169.254.x.x in the address bar).
This distro looks very promising and it 'ticks all the boxes' on my list.
One glitch I found is with LXappearance.
For example, changing the colour of the Crux widget (to #F4620F orange) does not stick.
Preferences>Customise Look and Feel>Colour>Use customised colour scheme>Selected items.
From #75507B (purple) to #F4620F (orange).
You can try this in Lubuntu with LXDE, to see that the orange Crux colour is very nice.
It seems here Crux cannot be set up properly system wide which is easy in Lubuntu (with LXDE).
But please note: it also failed for me in Lubuntu (using only an Openbox session) maybe because of my tweaks.
I hope this can be fixed, I might ask on the forum.
End of Intro.


Welcome to LinuxVillage, the friendly place for all GNU/Linux users!

For all trouble shooting, please to go the Questions section and we will try our best to seek for solutions along with you.

(Please take note, the Ubuntu Openbox Remix is a project in a very early testing stage, and it is not sure that everything works the way it should).

Welcome to the Village. 

Maybe you could help out here and take our Village_OB for a run and see how it handles, and what sort of tweaks you might like to try.  You don't even need the keys - it's sitting on the driveway ready to go!

Thanks for welcoming me to LinuxVillage.

I am 2 days away from a holiday in Portugal (I have not taken a proper holiday for many years)  so I am very busy getting prepared and packed.
I will not have a lot of time for Linux until I get there and find out the best (fastest and cheapest) way to connect to the internet, or until I get home around February 13th.

I plan to travel around a lot, and will be in mobile mode most of the time.
I will also take an external usb cd/dvd writer, for burning distros/remixes onto cd.

I have been learning Portuguese for 4 years, so I should enjoy the 'language aspect' of the trip.
I am aware of the unfortunate serious train crash that happened near Coimbra 2 days ago, as I watch RTPi here in England.

Thanks for your help and advice and I will join in with the testing when I can find the time and opportunity to do so.  :)

I have downloaded RC2 (very fast download 414Mb) and I am waiting for the RC1 download to complete (very slow download 401Mb).
Then I will probably start by burning RC2 to CD,  as RC2 is the latest version.


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