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Hey everyone,

I'm Yoshi2889, but you can call me Yoshi. I'm 14 years old and on a local Gymnasium high school.
Over at SMF I'm a customizer, which means you check over mods and such.

As for Linux, my favorite distro is Elementary OS. I have a preference for Debian-based distros.
Next favorite distro is Ubuntu. After that is Linux Mint. Each distro has its strong points, but I love the simplicity and the awesome look of Elementary, besides it handles my SSD better than Ubuntu does (the latter crashes on startup because the process is going too fast, lol).

I own an ASUS K53E laptop, which is equipped with a Sandy Bridge Core i5 2450M processor which in turn is equipped with the Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics. My laptop is also equipped with a whopping 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB Samsung 830 SSD.

I'm glad to get to know you all :)

Yoshi, you are a great coder, probably the fastest I have seen since I'm around through the web! Thanks for joining us, and Welcome to the LinuxVillage !! \o/ !

A 14 year old coder who doesn't do Windows. Excellent! Welcome, Yoshi.  :)

Welome to the site!  ;D

14 and he has mad skilz at programing, dang I feel old..............

Thanks guys! :)

--- Citation de: djohnston le 01 avril 2013 à 22:40:08 ---A 14 year old coder who doesn't do Windows. Excellent! Welcome, Yoshi.  :)

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I run Windows in a virtual machine in case I'd ever need it, but apart from that no Windows for me :P


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