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Based on Fedora, it provides a solid and stable base. It has been nominated as best desktop & laptop distribution. I'd nominate it for Best gaming distribution, also, because it has the same gaming capabilities as Ubuntu, and strives to provide the best performance in games.

As a desktop OS, it is based on Fedora, as mentioned. It has a user-friendly desktop, similar to OS X, but it can be fully customized. It is based upon GNOME 2, so it does not come with the annoyances of GNOME 3. The Fuduntu team is working on a KDE version, so anyone with the preference for KDE will be satisfied, too. For me, enough reasons to switch.
As a laptop OS, it has built-in tricks to optimize battery life and to handle the functions of a laptop well.

One of the things I love about Fuduntu is the choice of default applications. It comes shipped with Chromium as web browser (a stripped down version of Google Chrome with some Google specific features/"spyware" removed), Pidgin for internet messaging (multi-protocol), and LibreOffice (the office suite included with many distributions). It also comes with Dropbox "preinstalled" (upon launch it needs to install an extra library), GIMP, VLC and many games to choose from. One thing I found that it misses is a music organizer, but it can simply be installed.

Support is top-notch. I went into the IRC channel and got help really quick. I also noticed that the team is very quick with pushing out fixes. Yesterday, someone had posted an issue with installing VirtualBox, the same day a fix got pushed. Unfortunately due to the mirrors of the repositories it still is not in all of the repositories, but it will be in the next couple of days.

Two cons I found so far are the software panel and the level of experience required to install a LAMP stack. The former is not very user-friendly, it is like Synaptics. The latter is not an issue for many people, but it requires a lot of effort, however it is on the to-do list of the team to fix this and make it work out of the box.

I installed this OS as my default os on my laptop, and I am impressed. This is my desktop:

Hi Yoshi,

You post very good feedback and testing reports. Thank you very much for your work and your share!

Not a problem melodie, I enjoy trying out OS' :)


--- Citation de: Yoshi2889 le 14 avril 2013 à 01:58:56 ---Not a problem melodie, I enjoy trying out OS' :)
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Thinking of trying OS's, have you checked our "Forum and website life" section ?

→ New download link in LinuxVillage website  :)

Thanks melodie, I'll check those out as soon as I find time :)


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