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Dex OS


Try this one out.........Crazy Fast!

--- Citer ---DexOS is a x86 32-bit console like operating system, coded in 100% ASM, by Craig Bamford.
Now when most people think of consoles they think of playing games, that is true, but these very same
console can just as easy be used for web browsing, interfacing with electronics, writting supper fast
apps etc.
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Not sure what the first window was about but once you get to the command line, it's jut like Dos of old. But unlike dos, the apps look better to me. It even comes with a IDE for programming in BASIC that converts to ASM, thats cool.

Did I say fast?


--- Citation de: konaexpress le 26 mars 2013 à 06:10:54 ---Did I say fast?

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You said Crazy fast : same thing ?

It looks like a tool which could pull up the interest of some of the LinuxVillage people... :)


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