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Hi all,

Well here we all are again, and here is an update of my life story!

I have been using Linux for five years.  Prior to that I was into Macs for the better part of ten years, and still dabble with them.  In fact my first Linux experience was putting Ubuntu 6.06 onto a B&W G3 Mac!  I had never used Windows until AFTER I started using Linux, and to this day have never had a Windows installation.  Never needed it. 

I started Linux with Ubuntu, then moved to PCLinuxOS where I stayed until recently.  Thanks to Melodie and her Bonsai spin, I use Openbox exclusively and did a remaster for Astronomy users.  Unfortunately due to events at PCLinuxOS that had to be shelved until recently, and everything there came to an end.  That led to a short time in the Wilderness where I tried just everything about out there.  I like Crunchbang - it's been running on my wife's computer for close to two years and has proven to be bullet-proof.  The support is excellent as well. 

It was a natural to accept melodie's invitation to join the Village forum and there I really got to learn the ways of Debian after trying out all sorts of other systems.  Remastersys also came of age at this point, so knocking out remasters was suddenly as easy as it had been with PCLOS.  I now have a number of spins under my belt, including what is hopefully a successful base for the community to use as its own.   

Now we have a new and shiny village, and I look forward to supporting anything that will improve and promote Linux in general and Openbox in particular.


Welcome to New LinuxVillage Taco.22!

Welcome, Sombrero!

It's all starting to feel like "Groundhog Day"  :D

I'm doing fine, especially now that I am up to my neck in networking!!


--- Citer ---Just do not hang yourself with the wires :D
--- Fin de citation ---

Yeah, gotta start playing with them new fangled wireless thingies - less to get tangled with  :o


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