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Re : Re : Re : Remastersys for Debian
« Réponse #30 le: 08 mars 2013 à 22:19:47 »
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah?!  ;D

My problem has always been trying to carry user customizations over to /etc/skel. For example, my RazorQt customizations would not carry over to the remaster. I looked at ~/.config/razor/desktop.conf, one of the files not copied by default in the remastersys option, and noticed this line in the file:


That wouldn't do. So, I changed the line to /$HOME/Desktop and tried again. Worked like a champ.

When I remastered Scorpio today for a backup, and reinstalled to
test and confirm again I knew how to do this I had to extract to /home/guest
all of my /home/guest stuff previously archived in a zip file.    Then 100%
operation was achieved after that.

I wish there was a directory I could change also so remastersys would go
ahead 100% and I wouldn't have to do that, or just manually copy
everything to /etc/skel and change owner to root there and then make the ISO.

I don't know, someday this thing is just going to gell I think.


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Re : Remastersys for Debian
« Réponse #31 le: 08 mars 2013 à 23:31:35 »

No translation found for 'to gell'.
Did you mean?


Else, I wonder : how much MB do you put in your archive ? I /etc/skel you should have very little, just .bashrc, .profile, some .config subdirectories and files, but not all of them, at least not the ones which will be redone same when started.

And the total amount should not exceed a limit size. Did you check this part ?

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Re : Remastersys for Debian
« Réponse #32 le: 09 mars 2013 à 01:48:03 »
Hi Mel,

I guess I'm too English at times, Ha !

But whatever we are.

Gell =  come together, blend, progress to success, etc..

I wish this team would gell = I wish this team would succeed.

That type of thing.

MB's ?     I don't want alot of MB's either, programs that aren't needed,
lib's that aren't used, I think it's at least a bad work habit.

I just installed Clementine on Scorpio, about 60 MB's, appears to be OK.
Going to run it for an hour or so to be sure.

My /home/guest zip file compressed to about 30 MB's, and filled up
the config's fully after my recent iso install.   That does seem a bit
large, just for some config directories,   Hmmm.     Mostly in .mozilla

I think I like these Debian repo's, one of my three fav's looks like.

Well, time will tell, the team will gell and win, so to speak.

thanks for the response,