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Autostart desktop files that don't mess up with other D.E.


I have installed  Xfce4 over Bento, and things went wrong: tint2 and other Bento autostarted programs prevented xfce4 panel from starting, leaving a not  xfce4 look-a-like desktop on screen.

There are other Desktop Environments –yes, i was told so– and we need to take care of them by adding a line on home-made autostart desktop files. xdg-autostart considers the desktop to be Openbox if no other name is passed on its command line. So adding 'OnlyShowIn=Openbox' in desktop file makes xdg-autostart launches the program only in a Openbox environment and ignore it in another desktop environment.

Examples: I haved added the line in my configuration :

Note: Openbox doesn't  exist in Freedesktop standard, the only standardized name left for generic desktop environment is Old, I couldn't used it.


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Didn't your mother tell you not to talk to strange people  :o ;)


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 :D :D :D

I can add the NotShowIn lines in the desktop files default provided in the Ubuntu Openbox I deliver. It's not a big deal. :)

I have question about D.E. names. I haved coded a new version of xdg-autostart in Vala and used OPENBOX as DE name. It was Openbox in the C coded version, changed to uppercase since a few minutes.

But, I am asking myself a question. D.E. names are case sensitive. OPENBOX looks like its an acronym and this annoys me a little . What do you think, should we use  OPENBOX or Openbox?

Edit: Openbox has my preference; I have committed the code change. Plus, It's already the default case in the installed version of xdg-autostart.

It might as well be "openbox" which is what I used as well as other persons in some custom desktop files where we found out it works best with low case. I wonder if you should not ask the question directly on the #openbox chan at OFTC? (The main devs being of there).


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