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Networking - wicd and gigolo

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I'm trying to set up networking between a couple of computers running OB and using WICD and gigolo.  I've got gigolo installed and Thunar has a network symbol showing - albeit "Windows Network".  WICD is default network manager.  I'm madly googling away, but has anyone tried this combo?  Or is there another simple way of doing this?  Something else I'm reading about is pyneighborhood - an option?

I was thinking that if this doesn't get too messy it might be nice to have in Village_OB - easy home networking.  Or is that an oxymoron!!!


The network manager and the program gigolo are unrelated. Any network manager can be used to create the connection to the network : wicd, network-manager, command lines such as "dhcpcd", "dhclient", same with an indication of the interface used : "dhcpcd eth0"... or full command lines to attribute a fixed IP to the machine on the local network.

About gigolo, if you want to include it in a box, all you need to do is installing it in the box, no first configuration done : you don't know what the configuration of the local network of the user will be.

Each new connection done in gigolo will be a relation  between the machine from which you operate to another machine somewhere in the same local network, or between this machine behind which you are and severel machines on the local network.

If the user decides to make the hostnames of the "remote machines on the local network" be known from the machine where they operate from, then gigolo will be instructed to connect to:



but you can't know this.

So gigolo needs to be configured to recognise other computers on a network?  So far I've not been able to get two computers sitting next to each other and connected to each other through a router to talk through gigolo!  However I made the connection with an ftp client in seconds.  I've been getting into networking lately but Linux is proving somewhat tricky.  I am a long way from being able to set up network printing!! 

gigolo used to work well, but is becoming old. I will do a test between two machines and will tell you if that works here.

In the meanwhile maybe would you want to try xsshfs ? Of course sshfs (or sshfs-fuse is sometimes the package name) needs to be installed.

So far I have had success with ssh, and now I am trying sftp through Thunar.  So far that works well except no icon for the connection appears and there seems to be no way to bookmark it.  Got gigolo to connect and it can bookmark but I'm still trying to work out how to get Thunar to recognise SFTP.


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