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VillageBox now has its own information and download page on the main site at  This will be kept up to date as regarding improvements and updates.

This thread is specifically for questions, queries and problems relating to VillageBox.  More general discussions can still take place in other threads such as Village_RC2 : Openbox community spin.


VillageBox is a good name. I would just wish you add "Debian" behind.*

Sure : when a Ubuntu Openbox, a antiX Openbox, and many more to come will be ready to be tested again, what will be left for us, non Debian users ? ;)

Hu hu! turzin must have striken, the LinuxVillage skin is away... I'll be back!

Good job Taco!

* or  something like "Debian Remix"

Good job dude!

Thanks all, but don't forget, it takes a village ... aaghh, better not go there!!

Changelog Update

I thought I should add the Changelog to this thread.  Same download location and no version change.  Changes are as follows -

* Fixed the network mount glitch that can cause Thunar to pause on start.  Thunar and gigolo still work together fine. Just click the network share and it will mount and stay mounted for the session.
* Installed numlockx to allow numlock to turn on at boot.  Default is OFF due to some laptop incompatabilities.  Edit autostart to switch on.
* Edited Remastersys to allow a "Boot to RAM" option in the live cd/usb device.
* Removed Azenis icon theme and installed MeliaeSVG.  Retained Tango as root icon theme, plus it fills the gaps that MelaieSVG leaves.
* Did a couple of cosmetic changes to Tint2.
* GParted now recognises the following file systems - btrfs; ext2, 3, 4; fat16, 32; hfs, hfs+; jfs; linux-swap; nilfs2; ntfs; reiser4; reiserfs; xfs.


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