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Titre: Bento Openbox with Ubuntu and with antiX Linux
Posté par: melodie le 16 janvier 2022 à 23:02:37
Dear Linuxvillagers present and future,

the past few years have been dashed and somehow silent, however the release of installation images or Bento Openbox has continued. A
nd these last days I was able to put the final touch to this part of the project:
Please check ( to find the last 4 articles published with a detailed description for each of the Bento Openbox editions.

It is to be  noted that the Bento antiX editions come with the Snapshot program, developed by the antiX Linux community. Snapshot is a gui tool allowing you to easily generate your own disk images from an installed system, for your own use or for redistribution.

Your feedback is welcome: feature requests, questions, bugs…