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I know this article was written for Ubuntu but I took a look in the PClos repos and they had "Shutter" .  So I have shutter installed in PClos-Openbox Bonsai.

Yes, shutter looks nice and is handy to use. I just regret it needs many depends. In Archlinux:

--- Citer ---Depends On     : xdg-utils libxml-perl imagemagick bc procps librsvg
                 gnome-perl perl-gnome2-wnck perl-gtk2-imageview
                 perl-gtk2-unique perl-x11-protocol perl-image-exiftool
                 perl-proc-simple perl-proc-processtable perl-net-dbus
                 perl-net-dropbox-api perl-goo-canvas perl-sort-naturally
                 perl-json perl-json-xs perl-xml-simple perl-www-mechanize
                 perl-locale-gettext perl-file-which perl-file-basedir
                 perl-file-copy-recursive perl-pathtools perl-path-class
Optional Deps  : nautilus-sendto: "Send To" functionality in right-click and
                 main menu
                 perl-net-dbus-glib: Upload support for Ubuntu One
                 gnome-web-photo: Support for capturing websites

--- Fin de citation ---


mtPaint is much lighter and comes with a handy screenshot tool. Have you given it a try ?

It has been packaged at pclinuxos for a long time and you can read about it here:

there are two menu entries, one for the general use program and one for the screenshooter part of the program.

There is even a full documentation about the main part of the program:

Just out of curiosity you can map your keyboard to take a screenshot.  Most screenshot apps are just front ends for scrot, which actually does the work.  In Openbox you can place the lines below in rc.xml -

--- Code: ---<!-- Take a screenshot of the current window with scrot when Print is pressed -->
    <keybind key="Print">
      <action name="Execute">
        <command>scrot '%Y-%m-%d--%s_$wx$h_scrot.png' -e 'mv $f ~/Pictures/ &amp; geeqie ~/Pictures/$f'</command>
--- Fin du code ---

This tells scrot to take a screenshot when the "PrintScreen" button is hit, give it a name, save it to my ~/Pictures folder and open it in Geeqie.  You can then do with it as you want.  Just change the names of the folder and graphic viewer as required.  Just make sure scrot is already installed. 

VillageBox has screenshot commands set for keyboard and also extra options in the root menu.


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