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device error 71

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Well I tried putting kernel options for grub2 in the default file OK.

rootdelay, irqpoll

How would polling be done by kernel option, don't see a command
for that.   I don't even think it's starting init, except from port3 of course.


--- Citation de: patrick013 le 11 avril 2013 à 20:33:28 ---How would polling be done by kernel option, don't see a command
for that.
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It is not a command but an option compiled into the kernel. Here is a list of options which is recent:

you can read about irqpoll somewhere in the page:

--- Citer ---irqpoll      [HW]
            When an interrupt is not handled search all handlers
            for it. Also check all handlers each timer
            interrupt. Intended to get systems with badly broken
            firmware running.
--- Fin de citation ---

what are IRQ ? They are request interruptions.

--- Citer ---In an IBM PC compatible personal computer, an interrupt request (or IRQ) is a hardware signal sent to the processor that temporarily stops a running program and allows a special program, an interrupt handler, to run instead. Interrupts are used to handle such events as data receipt from a modem or network, or a key press or mouse movement. The interrupt request level (IRQL) is the priority of an interrupt request.(...)
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Hi Mel,

Well I'm trying everything conceivable cause it boots so well
from sdc1 (or port3)  it's a shame if I junk this thing cause it
isn't as flexible as I need.

It's a Debian Testing LXDE full install on a flash drive and is just
plain stuck booting from usb port3 and no place else.   Never had
this problem before but if I could resolve it another feather in the
old hat so to speak.

grub screen OK, then initrd loads OK, then init stalls, usb errors next...

What would you try to adjust ?

I could just install LXDE to my Scorpio but this is a tad bit challenging,
deserves a bit more time.

Have a good one.



Can you create an img of the stick and put the file online?


--- Citation de: djohnston le 12 avril 2013 à 04:56:05 ---patrick,

Can you create an img of the stick and put the file online?

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I can't find words how I feel right now.   

Yes, made an archive, busted open a new flash drive, installed grub2
after restoring the archive to the new flash drive.  And have booted it from
port1 and port3 successfully so far tonight.   Gonna do port2 just to
be sure and go further crazy with this hardware here.   

How something will boot from port3 but not port1 I'll never know.    So
I'll find an envelope and mail it back to Kingston and get a brand new
flash drive.   Only the second time in all my years of using flash drives.

Long story of my oldest fastest flash drives was going bad.
All bytes were archived and restored OK  to the brand new flash drive.
Some little wire just wouldn't switch ports.     AMAZING  !

Additionally, I could buy a Kingston flash drive and get 8MB write and
14 MB reads, even enough to run KDE OK.   Same model but current
purchases lucky to get 4MB writes and 8 MB reads, same model but the
internal hardware is just half as fast.    Very discouraging when you depend
on a manaufacturer and a certain model to do something and it's half as
fast, etc..

USB 3's are supposed to be twice as fast as the best USB 2 flash's and if
you shop around some have builtin disk caches per advertisement, and not
great, certainly should be fast enough for a basic testing flash drive or a
full install to a portable OS install.  Definitely have flash drive disk caches.
Just FYI.

Point is the current USB 2 flash drive are very performance downgraded
even, old versions like the Kingston DT101 and Patriot Exporter which I
thought I could depend on for the old faster specs.

Have to get a computer with a couple USB 3 ports, these new USB 2
flash drives' performance is very bad.    Not recommended here.

Going to reboot and plug it in port2 then just to be sure then.    Long
term use I guess I can expect some weird breakdown in the future also.

Hey, thanks for the response.



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