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Flash video?

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Hi Mel and the gang!

Long time no see. I see the forum is still alive and kicking.Is there a chance to post a video?  ???

Hello coffeetime! I'm happy to see you again, welcome back!

I don't know which plugin can allow embedding videos in posts nowadays, could you help me with that and try to find out? Our forum version is SMF 2.0.15.

Best regards,

No idea Mel  ???


--- Citation de: coffeetime le 12 mai 2018 à 22:21:13 ---No idea Mel  ???
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could you help with a search in this page?

I'd suppose it could be in either of the two first categories, "New Feature" or "Feature Enhancement". If you find several I'll be willing to install them one after the other and let you test.

                         No success with mods  ??? You?


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