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new version of Orvitux GNU/Linux 2016 codenamed "El Santo" (The Saint)



Some great news,new version of Orvitux GNU/Linux 2016 distro was released with XanMod kernel as alternative to Liquorix kernel. This release has been codenamed "El Santo" (The Saint) in tribute to one of the greatest mexican wrestling fighters of all times.based on Debian testing and seasoned with apt-pinning in sid and experimental version.we offer a well configured Linux and more optimized for general purpose, multimedia and Gaming, we not using a generic configuration.

Minimum requirements:

* 512 Mb RAM (1 GB RAM recommended) * CPU at 800 Mhz or higher (1.0 GHz recommended) * Video card 800x600, 16MB video RAM * BIOS bootable USB or CD-ROM * 5Gb disk capacity for install

visit our website:

Ola ! Mas trabajo para nosotros! Tenemos que traer! :D

Gracias muchos. :)


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