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A presentation of Bento Linux


Here is a short presentation, also available in French, to explain briefly what Bento Linux is.

Bento Ubuntu Remix is a lightweight Operating System relying on Ubuntu Linux. It is
dedicated to all Personal Computer users. It makes use of the Openbox Window Manager
along with openbox-menu and obsession as main programs. As such, it does not use a
Desktop Manager, and provides a fast and performing Operating System with the look and
feel of a classic desktop. It can be installed on old computers and recent ones, and it
can be easily customized.

Bento Linux is also a method using elements which have been improved over time, and was started several years ago when openbox-menu appeared. Think of a recipe, which can be reproduced in most Linux distributions. The main programs used, Openbox, openbox-menu, and obsession are packaged for several other well
known distributions, such as Debian, Archlinux, Gentoo…

We are working hard to make it even better, join the team!

Here are the official pages of the Openbox, openbox-menu and obsession projects:

Here is the downloads page:

sushi-trusty-rc4-i686 up an running in virtual box.  Nice job.

Hello Jeff!

How have you been and how are you?

Thanks for the (short and nice) report. What about some sound?


These will be in the next spin out. If not good enough you can add pulseaudio and pavucontrol (on some machines it works better with it, in some it doesn't... )

Hi melodie,

All is well and I hope the same for you.  I've got all but deadbeef up and running from your sound files.  For some reason I can't get the deadbeef PPA to work.  I guess I need to read up on that again.  I'll be working on that later and report back.

Have a great day,


Update:  deadbeef now installed and running

Hello Jeff,

Very good!

A pair of things I have in mind to test, well, if you are interested you might want to dig, it's about effects. A buddy on IRC has told me about Expose for Openbox. I don't know what it's worth and if it is usable. Here is the page of his tutorial for Lubuntu:

and here the page of the project at Github:
there is also a ppa:

It's the same version from Precise up to Vivid, I don't know how good it can be considering there have been changes brought several times to the git repos since then.

and also, I should replace xcompmgr for the transparency with compton. Same, there is a user interface to configure it, but I haven't put hands into it either. I might also want to save time and fetch one they have done for Xubuntu and give it a try…

compton in in the repos, the compton ui is at github
and there is also a ppa for it:

I have several compilations ahead in the todo list, I might grab them both and give them a try myself, at some point.

What do you think? Do you happen to have any time to have a look at either or?


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