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Howto format the subject of your message


To ease the research on the forum, it is best to format the SUBJECT with the same method:

[Subject]  question  (State) - Example : (Xorg) can't start my session after update (Solved).

The subject : It is the main subject that triggers the problem for which you are asking a question. It should be defined in 1 word:

* Openbox ;
* Firefox ;
* Nvidia ;
* Crunchbang ;
* and so on…The question : describe the problem, and eventually the steps taken to try to solve it. Try to be precise and to describe it in few words:

* network not working ;
* no translation to your language ;
* configuring appearance ;
* screensaverThe state: it discribes the situation of the message. Two states are possible:

* the problem is not yet solved : don't write anything about the state ;
* the question is solved, write (SOLVED)One more if you found a way but not a real solution : write (Got around)


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