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Although it's a fair review of CrunchBang, Dietrich Schmitz is anything but a Linux advocate. More like a click baiter. My two cents.

Thanks for sharing. I only know about Dietrich from the links he has posted at And, some pretty well known Linux figures have documented how Dietrich deletes any comments on his site he doesn't agree with. Comments that would elsewhere be classified as normal disagreement. One of his former "associates" was subsequently banned by Dietrich for sticking up for a commenter and declaring the commenter was not a troll.

Dietrich tried to recruit Caitlyn Martin to contribute articles to the site. To her credit, Caitlyn balked when he insisted she install a certain addon to the Chromium browser before she could contribute. It made no sense. But, it's Dietrich's way or the highway. He certainly does not exhibit the FOSS attitude in words or in action.


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