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Qt-shortcut-creator_0.3 (standalone shortcut creator)

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Edited: 23/03/2013
Edited: 29/03/2013

Here I thought it would take time, but in reality not to much.

version 0.3 is ready & functional.

mélodie will post good links soon.

This application is standalone, no need lxshorcut or something else.

I need to optimize/customize Image Browser,  for the convenience of users, this will be the main working over revisions. (a preview image into the browser).

 I have to dig $XDG_DATA_DIRS/icons and in /usr/share/pixmaps to see how they list all the images of different folders, in one place, and figure out how to use this with Qt.

Actualy, you need to browse yourself into each folders.

This is cleaner than the previous hack over lxshortcut.

if you suggest a name for the application let me know, give names this is not my cup of tea.

Shortcut....... :P

Both 32 and 64bit versions tested and working. For the name, how about just QtShortcut? It is a Qt app for creating shorcuts, no?

Or, you could call it "The Qt application for creating desktop and menu shortcuts, which is the same concept as lxshortcut, but has been updated and enhanced."


Formally known as Prince? Nice logo. :o


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One and the same. I didn't know if anyone would recognize it. I had to look it up.


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