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Glad to be here. What's next?

Welcome djohnston !

Next, it would be a good idea to copy / paste all important posts of your's from the other forum here. Of course in the meanwhile if you have any suggests, the The forum and website life section is available for requests related to the forum.


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Next, it would be a good idea to copy / paste all important posts of your's from the other forum here.

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That sounds too much like work.  8^)  Did I forget to turn on emoticons somewhere, or are they not available yet? Here's what I see:


Yes, this is much work, but I think this is worth it, this is why I have already done it for the tips and tricks in French and in English which I had posted, and I will encourage you and Taco.22 principally to do the same, because you both wrote a bunch of them. If the ones who posted most do this before the other members start to be invited, with a general announcement, it will ease the move : the xooit forums have been under heavy load (their message said they were under attack, but I think rather many other forums are doing the same, some might try to attack to get their db back... ) so if we do with some kind of order it could allow us to not leave the work we have done already.

Yes, the emoticons need to be configured somewhere. I'll check that.

Edit :  :D ;D >:( :( 8) :o :-X

I don't like these smileys, will try another set...

Well, I guess I never really "presented" myself. I've been using Linux off and on since about 2000. PCLinuxOS ease and simplicity struck a chord with me and I ditched WindowsXP and began using PCLOS version p91 exclusively in 2005. A recent change in management made me rethink my position with that community. I had tried and used other distros, as well as BSDs. Debian seems to offer the most choice in packages and customization. Debian is the only other distribution I feel as comfortable with. It is sometimes said that "if Debian doesn't have it, it doesn't exist".

I'm still running one last PCLinuxOS holdover because I have installed it on a few client computers. That one holdover will soon be converted to Debian, and I'll be running PCLOS only in VirtualBox so that I can keep up with the changes, such as the very recent changeover in repository sources (again).

KDE3 was my goto desktop environment for a very long time. When KDE4 came out, I just could not grok the new "social desktop" paradigm. Still can't, it seems. Ever since, I've been using LXDE and e17. Melodie's remasters introduced me to Openbox and I'm beginning to prefer its simplicity over that of LXDE. So, for me, it's now Openbox, e17 and soon-to-be XFCE on the next Debian installation.

I also like long walks in the park, howling at the moon, 7 pink fluffy bunnies ...


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