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PCManFM QT 0.1 announced... tomorrow!



Here we are sunday march 24th, however this message from pcman (who lives in China) has for date and time Monday March 25th 1:37:59 +8 ! Once is not usual, we can know the close future! :p

[Lxde-list] I'm going to release pcmanfm-qt 0.1.
From: PCMan <> - 2013-03-24 17:38

--- Citer ---Hello,
The current code in git works well enough.
After some testing, I'd like to make the first public release of
PCManFM Qt port.
It will not contain thubmanil support because this requires some API
changes of upstream libfm library. In April, there should be a new
release of libfm. So it's the right time for pcmanfm-qt to have
another new release with thumbnail support.
If there are no objections, I'll make the new release soon.
Thank you.

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More users leaving GTK?

PCmanFM QT is out in the wild now.

This is not PCManFM QT 1, it's PCManFM QT 0.1.0

> More users leaving GTK?

PCMan seems to enjoy his new toy (previous link)

--- Citer ---I, however, need to admit that working with Qt/C++ is much more pleasant and productive than messing with C/GObject/GTK+.
Since GTK+ 3 breaks backward compatibility a lot and it becomes more memory hungry and slower, I don’t see much advantage of GTK+ now. GTK+ 2 is lighter, but it’s no longer true for GTK+ 3. Ironically, fixing all of the broken compatibility is even harder than porting to Qt in some cases (PCManFM IMO is one of them).
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--- Citation de: mimas le 03 avril 2013 à 17:19:16 ---This is not PCManFM QT 1, it's PCManFM QT 0.1.0
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Fixed. Thank you.


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