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The elusive global menu button


I am constantly theming Bento. As such I got to thinking about the button to access the global menu. It seems to me that in this day and age, actually putting a text label on it such as "menu" or similar is kind of redundant as pretty much anyone can figure out what a well placed global menu button is. It's instinctive. So I have linked a screen shot showing the Bento cat logo as that very button. I think it is an elegant solution.

Hi William,

Very nice! Sure it is a good idea, elegant, coming close to what Xubuntu, Lubuntu (for instance) provide. If you provide a 48x48 png image I will add it in the next ISO and set it up as default.

I would just like to ask you a favor : I live in another times and place (space and time differ here, aren't we all time travelers?). In a Lubuntu with a small button, people I was introducing to Linux didn't know where to click to access the menus. Could you also create a larger button, 48 pixels high, and large as the second button available in Lubuntu? (Don't remember the size now): put the small rond on the right and write again "Menus" (but with a "s", I forgot it when I did it). And you could use the same font as for the Bento writing on the splash plymouth.

That would be very nice of you!

Sorry, I just saw your reply, I am always expecting an email notification. Is there a setting for that. Anyway, I'll get right on it!


I think email notification works not well, you might receive them long after the message was sent. In the meanwhile as you know, I have received your images. Thanks!


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