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PDF-Shuffler might disappear
« le: 17 mars 2019 à 19:51:17 »
pdfshuffler, (PDF-Shuffler) is a pdf manipulation program among the most advanced, easy and user friendly I have had the chance to test and use since the last years.

Now, it's in risk of disappearing. I wrote a bug report on the Ubuntu Launchpad in order to have an information to show around. The goal is to let it know, in the hope a developer knowing python programming would be interested to take on the project allowing this program to be continuued. Here is the bug report:

I thought I would be seeking how to report a bug I found in Bionic related to this package many weeks ago already, but seeking for answers on different IRC chans I have been explained that pdfshuffler will soon no longer be in the Debian repositories: and as many here know, usually it means *disappearance* for the program in the Ubuntu repositories as well at some point in the future.

Also, where are we with PDF-Shuffler upstream? Well, it has *not been updated* since *2012*, which is a long time:

even the forum of the project does not get answers, as far as I can see:

While a program is about to disappear, others might be existing to be a good replacement ? Well no, at least floss and from what are available in the repositories, what I have tested so far do not compare to pdfshuffler.

I tried pdfchain : it's unable to open one single pdf from a right click. I tried pdfmod : it's unable to open more than one pdf at a time in the same window.

I don't want pdfsam, as it means using Java, which I tend to avoid in the purpose of keeping it light in the system as much as possible (and I don't like what it looks like in Linux distributions).

I don't want old tk UI either, it's not sexy.

My point is: *I want here to alert* on a very good program which is in danger of being abandonned, and that appearantly no one suspects of being so good at what it does that it deserves a future.

The main features and advantages:
PDF-Shuffler can open several pdfs at same time and place them in the order you open them, be it with the graphical selection or from a console;
It allows you to rotate sheets individually inside it's window and of course it performs all the split and merge things, and change order of files as needed.

It has success and is widely used and appreciated, else no one would report bugs against it, but people do:

and from the content of the bug reports, we can guess some improvements could be brought to this program which already does a great job.

Thanks for considering to give PDF-Shuffler a future!

Best regards,

I wish to see this message ported to as many networks as possible, so please test the program if you don't know it, and let the people around you know about this request!

Melodie, who spreads the free software around among users.

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